May 26, 2016

Frank Selvaggio, Senior Pastor

Frank-SelvaggioWhen the Lord Jesus Christ called my name in May of 2003, and I came to know of the love of God and the salvation that was offered to me by His Son, it was not long after that I knew my life, leadership ability, and my passion for teaching, were going to be used for His service.

I believe the most selfish thing we can do as human beings is to learn of the gift that was given us by God through His Son and not share that with others. Therefore, it is my passion to bring others to this knowledge. As long as I have breath in me, serving my Lord and Savior will always be my primary focus and reasonable service.

Prophecy has been a lifetime passion of mine, and when faced with Biblical Prophecy and its truths I fell on my knees and called upon the Blood of Christ to save me. Since that decision I have been set on a course to live a life in service to Him. We live in a day and age where people have lost the desire to know God and His Word. I am a firm believer that the Word of God has not and will not “Return Void,” and people need to get back to the basics.

I am a Bible first teacher and my studies have led to me to be able to have a working base in understanding both biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew. I have also spent almost ten years in the field of study in Prophecy. My understanding of Prophecy and how it relates to the Christian today is nothing short of God given, and I am thankful.

The testimony of our Lord and Savior is the “Spirit of Prophecy” and I believe that it is being neglected at the pulpits today, in a day, where Biblical prophecy is vitally important. Jesus stated to His disciples in John 14:29 “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it comes to pass, you might believe.” I believe in this day and age (the Bible calls it the Last Days,) that Biblical prophecy will provide a strong draw to people coming to know Jesus as Lord and Savior if used correctly. I have had the opportunity to see what kind of excitement Biblical prophecy can draw. I hold this dear to my heart because it was by Biblical prophecy I got saved, and for this reason I know the power of it.

In June of 2012, my family moved from Rochester NY to Jacksonville FL with the intent to plant a Church. The Lord has led me to prepare myself for such service through the education I’ve received at the North Star Bible Institute (Bachelors) and Trinity Baptist College (Masters.) I am currently working on my PHD for Biblical Leadership at Piedmont College. The Lord has given me many opportunities to lead in ministry and has given me the ability to utilize my gifts in this capacity to proclaim the Good News of God’s love by helping others encounter Him, leading them to His truths, nurturing their spiritual development, building other leaders, and encouraging them in ministry.

I believe that ministry is first and foremost about “people,” reaching not only the community for the cause of Christ but also our own church body. Being professed Christians and being Biblical Christians is very different. The challenge today is to be Biblical Christians. I believe the Bible teaches us to be “disciples” and, that the primary objective of the body of Christ is to not only “be” disciples ourselves, but also to be constantly training and in the process of discipling of others. I believe a well discipled church will bring about the best opportunity for growth for the church itself as disciples turn into “Ambassadors.”

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